Starter Kits

Get your hands on one of the most innovative products available to smokers today. Our electronic cigarette gives you the nerve relaxing nicotine you want without all the side effects that come with smoking you don’t want like second hand smoke, bad breath, tar, carcinogens and butts.

Refill Cartridges

Get the authentic taste of traditional cigarettes in our amazing flavoried refill cartridges. We’ve specially designed them for genuine taste and satisfaction. Each refill cartridge lasts about 200 mouthfuls, the equivalent of two packs of regular smokes.

Do You Your E-Cigarettes?

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Did you know that we offer a great incentive program for our members? You can start earning money by selling our e-cigarettes and accessories to your friends. We take care of billing, customer service, shipping... Well, everything. All you do is tell your friends and start earning money.


Car Charger

When you’re on the go you can keep your e-cigarette ready for smoking with our specially designed car charger. Its universal tip works in any standard car plug-in.